State and Regional News

MO Official Highway Map hot off the press

    Available free of charge, the 2019-2020 Missouri Official Highway Map, not only features all 33,838 miles of state-maintained routes, but also shows locations for public-use airports, hospitals, colleges and universities, national forests, state parks and conservation areas.

MoDOT develops two simplified tools to provide five-year road and bridge program information

    In an effort to better communicate how Missouri’s road and bridge revenues will be invested in the state’s infrastructure for the next five years, the Missouri Department of Transportation has created the “Missouri Road and Bridge Program.”

MoDOT extends weight allowances for truckloads of aggregate used in flood relief and levee repair

    The Missouri Department of Transportation today announced another extension of an allowance for heavier-than-normal truckloads of rock, sand and gravel to travel on Missouri highways in flood relief and for levee and other public infrastructure flood repair. The waiver allows private and for-hire motor carriers to haul up to 10% more than their licensed weight on Missouri highways.

Students are on the move!

    Students across Missouri are preparing to begin their 2019-2020 school year. The Missouri State Highway Patrol reminds drivers this brings a change in traffic patterns ─ school buses and parents taking their children to school will join other motorists on the road and affect the morning and afternoon commute.