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Critics say campus free speech bill actually restricts professors

By Elizabeth Elkin and Ashlyn O’Hara, Missouri News Network
JEFFERSON CITY — A bill intended to protect campus free speech for students and guests could end up restricting free speech for professors.
House Bill 576, sponsored by Rep. Dean Dohrman, R-La Monte, would modify the Campus Free Expression Act, requiring public institutions of higher education to adopt policies on free expression by Jan. 1. Lawmakers discussed the bill in the House on Wednesday.

House passes legislation to undo Clean Missouri redistricting changes

By Natasha Vyhovsky, Missouri News Network
JEFFERSON CITY — Legislators gave initial approval to a resolution Tuesday that would undo key portions of the Clean Missouri amendment.
House Joint Resolution 48 would replace the nonpartisan demographer role established by Clean Missouri to oversee redistricting with separate House and Senate committees. The move would reverse Clean Missouri’s attempt to remove partisan affiliations in drawing district maps and would return to the commission method that already exists.

State revenue figures up from last year, letting legislators breathe easier

By Tom Coulter, Missouri News Network
JEFFERSON CITY — For most of this year, legislators have been concerned that Missouri would not generate enough tax revenue to meet its budget demands.
Even in early April, revenue totals were down 4.26 percent compared with the year before, a total shortfall of about $290 million.

Doctors weren't sure he'd speak, but 11-year-old Nathan testified at the Capitol

By Eric Graves, Missouri News Network
JEFFERSON CITY — When Nathan Schelp took a seat to testify at a House hearing this week, the fact that he is 11 years old wasn't what made his appearance extraordinary.