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With revenue unlikely to meet growth estimates, legislators worry what's next

By Tom Coulter, Missouri News Network
JEFFERSON CITY — As some in the capital warn that Missouri won’t generate the revenue necessary to meet budget demands for this year, state legislators and budget officials are stuck in a waiting game until April 15, the last day for Missouri citizens to file their taxes.

Citizenship labels could be put on driver's licenses, other IDs, under new bill

By Anna Lewis, Missouri News Network
JEFFERSON CITY — Workers at polling places, bars and other places that check ID would know your citizenship status under a proposed bill debated Wednesday.
The House Committee on Elections and Elected Officials heard a number of bills, one of which would require a mark indicating citizenship on the photo ID that a person uses to register to vote.

Charter school expansion faces bipartisan filibuster

BY NATASHA VYHOVSKY , Missouri News Network
JEFFERSON CITY — Missouri senators pushing a charter school expansion bill ran into a second filibuster Tuesday.
While supporters of the bill commend charter schools’ ability to help failing school districts educate students, Sen. Doug Libla, R-Poplar Bluff, filibustered for over two hours Tuesday.

Compared to other states, Missouri's Bible elective bill is not one of a kind

By Madison McVan, Missouri News Network
JEFFERSON CITY — Efforts to promote teaching the Bible and posting “In God We Trust” in Missouri schools mirror policies promoted by national Christian legislative organizations.

House gives initial approval to allowing concealed carry on college campuses

By Gaelle Fournier and Kelsey Wu, Missouri News Network
JEFFERSON CITY — Members of the Missouri House gave initial approval to allowing concealed carry of firearms on college campuses during a contentious debate Tuesday.
The measure was added to a bill that would allow some faculty and staff to carry weapons as designated campus security officers.