Revisiting old fishing grounds pays off big time

     I have my favorite places to fish, but sometimes I get the urge to return to areas I have not fished in years. Such was the case last week. I loaded my kayak and fishing gear and headed to Scott’s Ford on the Meramec River near Steelville.

Those cuss-ed hogs have been around for years

    In the tape recording I did with my grandfather back in 1965, we talked a little about hogs in the woods before and after World War I. But, it wasn’t anything like what we have going on today with the feral pigs increasing in number throughout the Ozarks. They were called free-ranging pigs back then and were semi-tame. I think though that they played a big part in the near extinction of whitetail deer and wild turkey in the Ozarks, that and the depressed times when everyone was so hungry they killed every thing they could come across.

MDC offers two-day basic canoeing class, including float on the Meramec River

The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) wants to help newcomers to paddling discover nature on the water by offering a two-day Canoeing Basics course.  The class is designed not only to teach the basics, but also give the opportunity to go on a river float to practice and develop paddling skills further.

A great day on the Gasconade River

    The Gasconade River holds the title of being one of the most crooked rivers in the world. One need not dig much to uncover a fascinating history of the Gasconade which include stories of Osage Indians, French fur trappers, Civil War raiders, Jesse James, tie hackers, legends of buried gold in the Moccasin Bend area north of Waynesville, and now river guide Tommy Bench.