Conservation efforts led by hunters, benefits of ‘NGOs’

By Bill Cooper
    “One of the worst things you can do to a species whose numbers are decreasing is to take away the ability to hunt it, because hunters will rally around animals they hunt,” said Joel Brice, chief conservation officer for Delta Waterfowl. “Hunters love wildlife and they will spend serious money to save it.”

MDC says no indication of mysterious bird illness in Missouri

• Public is still encouraged to be on lookout for groups of dead and sick birds.
At least nine states and the District of Columbia have recently reported numerous reports of unexplained sick and dying songbirds. To date, avian and wildlife health experts with the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) have not received similar reports, and there are no other indications of unexplained death or illness in Missouri’s wild birds.

Snakes will be topic of MDC virtual program on July 16

Snakes are among Missouri’s most misunderstood animals. That’s unfortunate because underneath a snake’s frightful reputation is an animal that performs valuable pest-control services for humans and, with the exception of a few venomous species, is relatively harmless.

Fly fishing attracting more women for the challenges provided

By Bill Cooper
    Introduced to fly fishing at ten years of age, Joan Wulff is the “First Lay of Fly Fishing.” She grew up knowing about shotguns and fly fishing, a rarity in any sportsman’s circles in the last 100 years. Her father, Jimmy Salvato, owned the Paterson Rod and Gun Store in New Jersey and introduced Joan to fly fishing at an early age.

Looking at extinction versus scarcity

By Larry Dablemont
    A few years back there were predictions that the bobwhite quail would become extinct. They have not and likely will not because of the diversity in habitat and food that can keep them going in small numbers.