Mixed reports made of teal flights headed south

By Bill Cooper
    Early reports of teal flights for the September opener were skeptical at best. Teal nest in the prairie pothole regions of the Dakotas, which were fairly dry this year. Teal nesting numbers rise and fall each year with the amount of precipitation received.

Big BAM taking place October 11-15

    The next edition of Missouri Life Magazine’s Big BAM (Bicycle Across Missouri) is just three weeks away, with more than 100 cyclists already registered and plenty of room for more to join the cross-state trek on the Katy Trail.

Missouri State Parks reminds park visitors to follow Leave No Trace Principles while outdoors this fall

With increased visitation at Missouri state parks and historic sites, it’s important for visitors to remember to assist park staff in protecting and preserving the state's natural and cultural resources.

Remembering a fantastic 1961 float trip

By Larry Dablemont
    What were you doing the first weekend of October, 60 years ago? I remember that weekend well. I was only a few days away from turning 13, and I had purchased a guide’s license at the courthouse for a dollar. But with Dad’s old wooden johnboat and grandpa’s hand-made sassafras paddle, I could take folks on a fishing trip down the Big Piney River and haul in 50 cents an hour.

Catching big catfish on the fly can be a challenge

By Bill Cooper
    My father regularly caught catfish on spinnerbaits when I was a child. The feat proved a bit unusual and I didn’t know of anyone else doing so at the time. Over the years I adapted my father’s techniques to the fly rod and still enjoy catching catfish on my fly rods today.