Don’t have much use for today’s experts and pros

By Larry Dablemont
    A few years back I was amused to see where there were a dozen or so "outdoorsmen" competing in an event to determine the best outdoorsman in the country. Reckon they actually narrowed it down to the very top outdoorsman? How ridiculous is such an effort.

Yorkies are the fierce hunting dogs of yesteryear

By Bill Cooper
    The tiny, cute, cuddly Yorkie of today is primarily a house pet. Despite their cuteness, they were originally bred as ratters.
    Yorkies are always full of energy, while maintaining a very loving and spirited attitude. With their fun loving temperament and boundless energy, many wonder about their past.

MDC says coyotes are rearing pups now; reminds pet owners to be watchful

Pet owners in the City of Wildwood have reported encounters with coyotes recently.  The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) reminds residents that while coyote encounters are rare, it’s still a good idea to be vigilant of pets during this time in all areas where coyotes are known to live.

MDC reminds public frogging season begins June 30

The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) encourages the public to discover nature this summer during frogging season. Beginning June 30 at sunset through Oct. 31, those with a fishing permit or small-game hunting permit may frog for bullfrogs and green frogs.

Learn the basics of shotguns and handguns at June MDC programs at Rolla

Learning the fundamentals of shooting a shotgun or a handgun and how to keep these firearms in good working order is important whether you’re a hunter or a recreational shooter.