It’s just another Ozark Christmas story

By Larry Dablemont
    It was a day before Thanksgiving in 1939. There was a knock on the door and a boy stood outside, waiting for the old man to answer. When the door opened he tipped his hat politely and said, “Mr., I reckon you don’t recall me, but I’m Joe Roggins’ youngest boy Jimmy… and I come to ask if I could shoot me a couple of mallards off’n yore pond.” Before the old man could answer, the boy went on… “My Pa’s been feelin’ poorly and he allowed as how he’d like a big ol’ mallard duck or two for dinner tomorrer, an’ they’s a bunch of ‘em on yore pond. He’d be thankful to eat one of em on Thanksgiving.”

Beagles and cottontails make for great fun

By Larry Dablemont
    For most of two hours, the little beagle had struck trail after trail, and hotly pursued a half dozen cottontails in circles that wound around broam-sedge, cedar thickets and patches of briar and sumac. I had missed one and bagged one. My partner had two.

MDC foresters suggest ways to use Christmas trees after the holidays

    A live Christmas tree can give your home a one-of-a-kind ambiance during the holiday season. From the natural suppleness of its needles, to that majestic stature, to the unmistakable evergreen aroma. But after the holidays are over, it doesn’t mean that your natural Christmas tree needs to retire. It can find a second career in a lot of conservation-friendly ways, according to Missouri Department of Conservation Department (MDC) foresters.

What a year 2020 was for outdoor enthusiasts

By Bill Cooper
    The year 2020 is one for the record books. That applies not only for the general public, but for outdoor enthusiasts as well. COVID changed our habits as a nation and, likewise created new approaches for citizens to utilize our bountiful outdoor recreation resources across the country.

MDC reports elk hunters go five for five in inaugural elk hunt

Missouri’s first elk-hunting season ended Sunday with all five of the hunters selected for permits harvesting bull elk during the firearms portion Dec. 12-20. An archery portion ran Oct. 17-25 with no harvests. The five Missouri hunters were selected for elk-hunting permits through a random drawing of more than 19,215 permit applications, including 33 for one resident-landowner antlered-elk permit and 19,182 for four general permits.