Saying goodbye to a great friend and avid outdoorsman

By Larry Dablemont
    In October of 1958, I turned 11 years old. Dad had promised that when I turned 11, I could go with him on a duck hunt down the Piney River. And there I was, the first Saturday in November, sitting on the front seat in his wooden johnboat, looking through the blind he had attached to the bow, shaking with excitement. I was to watch and listen and learn so that when he thought the time was right, I could sit there actually hunting with my own gun.

MDC notes 75th anniversary of Missouri's modern deer hunting tradition

A 75th anniversary arrived this fall for a treasured Missouri tradition—hunting white-tailed deer. The herbivores are a keystone species that help shape the state’s natural areas. But it took conservation awareness and support by Missourians to restore a creature and its supporting habitats from pioneer-era excesses.

Beehive saved at Maramec Spring Park

    A beehive was saved after a tree containing the hive was cut down on Monday, October 14 at Maramec Spring Park. Assistant Regional Manager Wes Swee and beekeeper Lee Watson worked to secure the hive and set up a temporary area so the bees would have a place to stay for the winter.

If Boone only had a drone, or maybe a trail camera

    If you know how to work a trail cam, you can start feeding deer corn in late September and see what bucks are using the area, and when they are passing through. Today’s trophy hunters know all about that. Those are the people who start giving you antler numbers which tell you what buck is a trophy and what isn’t. Even some of my close friends do that, and it is revolting to me, perhaps because of the way my dad raised me. He told me often that when a man hunts or fishes he should never look at a wild creature as a trophy.

Fall smallmouth fishing starting to heat up

    Fall is my favorite time of the year to chase smallmouth bass. A number of reasons support my choice. The weather has cooled, crowds are down, fall colors are on, and the fish are feeding up for winter. That in my book equals a great time to go fishing.