Don’t mess with storms

By Larry Dablemont
    Some years back I took a pair of northerners on an Ozark float trip and in mid-afternoon dark clouds began to form to the west, with the ominous roll of thunder in the distance. I knew of a big, deep cave nearby with a dry floor, so I secured the boat in a protected spot and we carried our gear up to the cave.

Cooler days coming to attract Ozarks hikers

By Bill Cooper
    The cooler days of the approaching fall is an attractant to hikers and backpackers to hit the trail. Fall brings cool, crisp air, fewer insects, and sweet aromas of maturing vegetation, including wildflowers and wild fruits. Too, the pungently sweet smell of natural decay, as the growing season comes to an end, casts its aromas into the breeze, as plant material breaks down.

MDC sets proposed bear-hunting framework for future seasons

The Missouri Conservation Commission recently approved a proposed hunting framework by the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) for a potential future black bear season in Missouri. The Commission approved the framework at its Sept. 4 open meeting in Jefferson City and is asking for final public input Oct. 16 through Nov. 14.