What a great place to go fishing!

By Larry Dablemont
    Before the rain started last week, I spent a couple of days hunting...hunting a good place to catch some fish. High winds made us seek out a long cove, being fed by a creek bringing in warmer water and the fish were attracted to it. Right off my partner, Alan Gingrich, caught a small white bass about eight-inches long.

Thunderstorms and boating don’t mix

    Springtime in Missouri means ever-changing weather. In the last month, Missourians have seen thunderstorms as well as clear days in the 70s. When it’s warm out, spring is a great time to enjoy Missouri’s many lakes and rivers. But, remember that thunderstorms develop quickly this time of year.

Get new MDC hunting, fishing, spring turkey, and Wildlife Code booklets

Missouri hunters, trappers, anglers, and others can get free copies of the Missouri Department of Conservation’s (MDC) updated booklets on spring turkey hunting, hunting and trapping, fishing, and the Wildlife Code of Missouri. The handy booklets have information on related permits, seasons, species, regulations, limits, conservation areas, sunrise and sunset tables, and more.

Missouri state parks and historic sites prepare for 2021 camping season

Missouri state park and historic site campgrounds are preparing for the 2021 camping season, which typically begins April 1. On-season begins earlier at some campgrounds than others. Visit mostateparks.com/activity/camping for opening dates at specific campgrounds. To help guarantee a safe and enjoyable camping experience, the following new and updated procedures have been implemented.

Always get the best tackle that is right for you

By Larry Dablemont
    There are many people out there who want to learn to fish, and many who have been fishing for years who have questions about the right tackle. One of the most-asked questions from folks I took fishing was...What should I buy to fish with? Every guide knows that the success of a fisherman who hires him depends to a great extent on whether or not he can use what he has properly. I can take you fishing, but you have to make the lure land where it should and do what it should in the water.