2021 Lake Washington Crappie Media Camp a grand success

By Bill Cooper
    In a display of great community pride and promotion, the 2021 Lake Washington Crappie Media Camp held recently near Chatam, Mississippi exceeded all expectations of attending outdoor media members. Twenty regional sponsors, nine outdoor communicators, and eight volunteer fishing guides converged on the gorgeous 7,000 acre Lake Washington oxbow lake, just off the Mississippi River, near Greenwood, Mississippi for three days in order to gather information for purposes of promoting the region across the nation.

Osage County angler catches 112-pound invasive black carp

An Osage County man got a surprise last week after catching a 112-pound invasive black carp from the Osage River. The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) has listed black carp on the Prohibited Species List – a list of species that may not be imported, exported, transported, sold, purchased, or possessed alive in Missouri without written approval of the director.

The great swap meet is returning

By Larry Dablemont
    We had to skip the Grizzled Old Outdoorsman’s swap meet last year because of the coronavirus, but for about 10 years before, we had held it in late March at a church gym in Brighton, Mo. We didn’t charge admission and all vendor spaces were free.

Food plots and game calls on hunters’ minds

By Bill Cooper
    The snow may be deep and outside temperatures low, but hunter’s thoughts are heating up, when it comes to preparing food plots for next season and thinking about quality game calls.