MDC, partners begin round two of Brown-headed Nuthatch reintroduction in the Ozarks

    The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) and partners will begin phase two of Brown-headed Nuthatch reintroduction efforts in the Missouri Ozarks this month.

Acorns, yellow leaves and free deer

By Larry Dablemont
    I don’t think I ever witnessed what the squirrels are doing here on Lightnin’ Ridge this summer. They are chewing up the white oak acorns in my back yard, and it started the first week of August.

Frogs and frog hunters

By Larry Dablemont
    When my dad and uncles were boys, growing up on the river in the ‘20s and ‘30s, they often ate bull frogs for breakfast, freshly caught the night before. Old-time froggers found them at night, using a good light which shines their eyes at a distance. Many things shine in the light at night along our waterways; spiders and insects, sparkling rocks, and other amphibians and reptiles.

Enjoy a fine shore lunch

By Larry Dablemont
    The lady told me on the phone that she and her husband wanted to have a shore lunch like they had experienced in Canada, so by golly a shore lunch she was going to have, once I figured out what it was, exactly. When I paddled folks down the river on one of my float trips, as a teenager, they generally brought lunch, which consisted of pre-made sandwiches, fruit, cookies, what have you. And cold soda pop!