Join MDC May 22 at noon for Wild Webcast on Weird Wildlife

    Did you know that Missouri has several species of fish that swam with dinosaurs? That stinging jellyfish swim in Show-Me State lakes? That turkey vultures poop on their own legs to cool off and vulture chicks vomit and spray stomach acid when threatened? That the tiny short-tailed shrew uses venomous spit to paralyze prey? That Missouri has microscopic animals as big as basketballs? That the Show-Me State has a see-through fish where you can see its heart beating?

MDC reminds Missourians to keep wildlife wild

As Missourians begin to head outdoors during the long-awaited spring season, they may encounter a variety of newborn animals. Though the young wildlife can pull on the heartstrings, and oftentimes appears to be abandoned, that’s usually not the case.

MDC sets migratory game bird and waterfowl hunting seasons

The Missouri Conservation Commission approved recommendations at its April 12 meeting from the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) for upcoming 2019 migratory-game-bird-hunting seasons and 2019-2020 waterfowl-hunting seasons.

MDC and MoDOT’s annual Trash Bash takes place April 15-May 15

    Missouri’s annual No MOre Trash! Bash will be held April 15 - May 15.
    The Trash Bash is sponsored by the Missouri Department of Conservation and Missouri Department of Transportation as part of an ongoing No MOre Trash! statewide anti-litter campaign.

Missouri Humanities bringing national Water/Ways exhibit to Missouri

KANSAS CITY, MO – Missouri Humanities is proud to announce that the nationally renowned Water/Ways exhibit will be traveling to various host sites throughout Missouri in partnership with the Smithsonian Institution.  Preference will be given to rural and suburban organizations.  Applications to host the exhibit are now open and available online at http://www.mohumanities.org/water-ways-traveling-exhibit/ until 11:59pm May 16, 2019.