Would you go fishing with a politician?

By Larry Dablemont
    I don’t want to make anyone real awful mad here but I can’t tell you the name of one politician that I would want to go fishing with. The whole bunch of them seems a sorry lot to me and I put them all in the same sack. But then, what do I know about politics? I only know about fishing, and if I had caught any fish this past week I’d be writing about that!

Five tips to help get ready for trout season

By Bill Cooper
    Missouri’s catch and keep trout season begins in the state’s four trout parks Monday, March 1. Thousands of anxious anglers will congregate in the parks to celebrate what many call their beginning of spring. Following are some tips to help you get ready for the season and enjoy your first day of trout fishing.

MDC reminds people to buy their 2021 hunting and fishing permits

The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) reminds Missouri hunters and anglers that related annual permits expire at the end of February, including 2020 permits for small game, fishing, trout fishing, and combination hunting and fishing.

MDC holds virtual Beginning Handgun class March 15

When pistols and handguns come to mind, many people think of self-defense and home protection. But did you know that handguns are also a valid hunting method for several species, such as rabbits, squirrels, bullfrogs, deer and coyotes?