Governor makes appointment to fill vacancy on Conservation Commission

Governor Parson today announced an appointment to fill the vacancy on the Conservation Commission. Barry Orscheln, of Columbia, was appointed to the Conservation Commission.

The walleye spawn is underway in Missouri lakes

    Interest in walleye fishing has been growing at a steady rate over the last several decades in the mid-south, and rightfully so. The largest walleye in the nation are caught here. And, the biggest walleye are caught in the cold weather months.

Get new MDC booklets for spring turkey hunting, fishing, hunting and trapping, and the Wildlife Code

Hunters, trappers, anglers, and others can get free copies of the Missouri Department of Conservation’s (MDC) updated booklets on spring turkey hunting, hunting and trapping, fishing, and the Wildlife Code of Missouri. The handy booklets have information on related permits, seasons, species, regulations, limits, conservation areas, sunrise and sunset tables, and more.

There is a lot of confusion about deer disease

    I will be killing a deer or two this week to give to the Missouri Department of Conservation to check for CWD. I am looking for older deer knowing that young deer seldom have the prions. I also want bucks, because research has shown the disease is more prevalent in bucks than does. If the deer test negative, I will give the venison to a needy family. But there is still that grain of doubt as to whether or not the testing is always perfect and accurate.