A deer hunter’s psyche: What really makes them tick

By Bill Cooper
    The annual Missouri bowhunting season is less than 45 days away, and the rifle season only two months after that. Once again tens of thousands of Missouri deer hunters will be taking to the woods. And the attacks of anti-hunters against law-abiding hunters will refresh as well. As deer hunters we are very much misunderstood in today’s world. What really makes us tick?

MDC invites people to explore a Missouri stream on Aug. 11

    A healthy Missouri stream is full of life—literally. Crayfish, fish, turtles, and a variety of insects are among the creatures that can be found at or beneath the surface of many of the Show-Me state’s streams.

August just ain’t so bad

By Larry Dablemont
    It is unusual for the Ozarks to get so much rain in July, but it certainly doesn’t hurt fishing, especially in streams. When I was a kid, any summer rain that raised the Big Piney and made dinghy-colored water flow into it, sent me to a couple of favorite gravel bar spots with a rod and reel and a bucketful of night-crawlers.