Keep safety top of mind when exploring the outdoors

Being outdoors can be a fun and relaxing experience, and the Missouri State Parks team wants to remind park visitors about the importance of practicing safety measures when visiting a state park or historic site.

Crawdads are bait, breakfast

By Larry Dablemont
    The crawdad is an unusual creature, always looking back where he has been, and going where his isn’t looking. Quite often where he has been appears quite safe and there looms a bass or walleye or catfish where he is going and he winds up not going as far as he thought he would.

It’s topwater fishing time

By Larry Dablemont
    Most reservoir bass fishermen fish deep in the summer, trying to lure a lunker by bouncing jigs over ledges and rocks. But if you want to fish a topwater lure, there are places and ways to do it even in the heat of the summer. It's easiest when you can concentrate your efforts toward those waters where bass can be found in six or eight feet of water or less.

Conservation efforts led by hunters, benefits of ‘NGOs’

By Bill Cooper
    “One of the worst things you can do to a species whose numbers are decreasing is to take away the ability to hunt it, because hunters will rally around animals they hunt,” said Joel Brice, chief conservation officer for Delta Waterfowl. “Hunters love wildlife and they will spend serious money to save it.”