View autumn foliage with MDC’s fall color forecast

After a wet and sweltering summer, most are breathing a sigh of relief as temperatures cool down and trees begin to change color – a sure sign that fall has arrived. The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) encourages people to enjoy fall foliage through camping, driving tours, hiking, or even canoeing or floating. To help, MDC offers weekly online fall color updates from agency foresters all over the state at mdc.mo.gov/fallcolor.

September spawns a plethora of outdoor activities

    September spawns a long list of outdoor activities, which should prompt every outdoorsmen to go outside and have a good time.

Hell’s Canyon certainly lived up to its name

    It looked fairly “unthreatening” to me, a hillside down into a small creek in western Colorado’s Rocky Mountains where brook trout lived in beaver dam pools. Maybe 10- or 12-inch brook trout wouldn’t appeal to most Ozark fishermen…until you ate a couple.

MDC says quail and pheasant numbers steady despite rough start

With quail and pheasant-hunting season starting Nov. 1, the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) advises hunters that quail and pheasant production appears better than expected despite harsh conditions last winter and flooding this spring.

MDC and East Central College offer class on cooking with venison Oct. 26

Deer hunters go through many steps to prepare for a hunt, from checking tree stands, to sighting in firearms, to reviewing trail cam footage, to picking their favorite scent blocker. But what about preparing to enjoy the harvest when the hunt is over? What can you do with the bounty of nutritious meat after it’s processed?