MDC virtual art event on June 19 will help people identify trout

On Saturday, June 19, people can use a paint brush to learn the differences between rainbow and brown trout.

MDC is looking to outlaw cameras

By Larry Dablemont
    People have been contacting me asking if I had heard about the Missouri Department of Conservation declaring that people who take photographs inside public areas, they manage must buy a permit to do so. I have to look into that, but I can’t imagine that they would do that, telling photographers to pay in order to take pictures inside areas owned by the citizens of the state of Missouri.

Most people have fishing buddies and secret spots

By Bill Cooper
    Every fisherman yearns to find a secret fishing spot, where he can catch lots of fish and not be bothered by other anglers. Such spots are few and far between these days. Too, most fishermen have a favorite buddy, with whom they share their favorite spot. Stories abound about the calamities of sharing a secret spot.

Try some jarfishing

By Larry Dablemont
    I often listened to old timers who fished the river talk about various ways to tempt big bass, or to catch a limit of goggle-eye. The river was so much different then, so clear and clean. The big deep holes, now most of them filling in with silt and gravel, and becoming slick-bottomed with algae and slime, had flathead catfish that commonly weighed from 30 to 40 pounds.

Lake of the Ozarks bass fishing is simply superb

By Bill Cooper
    Lake of the Ozarks, in south central Missouri, has long been known as one of the premiere bass fishing destinations in the U.S. The lake was built for hydro-electric purposes by Ameren Missouri Electric in 1929. With 54,000 surface acres winding through the rugged Ozark hills, the lake attracted the attention of anglers nationwide. It was the largest manmade lake in the nation at the time and one of the largest in the world.