This is the time of year to watch out for snakes

    I try each year about this time to let folks know how dangerous poisonous snakes can be in late summer and early fall. I got something from a lady whose daughter was out playing after dark and was bitten by a copperhead. If you read it, you might begin to see why I keep writing these warnings.

Late Night Cathedral Cave Tours offered at Onondaga Cave State Park Oct. 5

Join representatives from the Onondaga Friends Association for a unique, guided, late night Cathedral Cave Tour from 9:30 p.m. to approximately midnight Oct. 5.

Hopper season on the Meramec brings top-water action

    Fly fishermen pursuing trout are most known for casting tiny flies, which are difficult to tie on a line, because they are so small. Trout do eat a lot of minute aquatic insects. However, August and September offer an exception: hopper season.

Taking an exploratory trip on the Sac River

    On one of the hottest days of early September, we journeyed up the Sac River to see if any of the big hybrids had moved into the river yet. I should have known it was too early. They’ll be there in the cooling waters of October.

MDC shares CWD info for upcoming deer season

With deer hunting opening for archery season on Sept. 15 and firearms portions in the coming months, the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) wants hunters, landowners, and others to know key information about chronic wasting disease, or CWD. MDC is continuing its efforts this fall and winter to limit the spread of CWD in Missouri deer by finding new cases and slowing its spread to more deer or more areas.