Late Night Cathedral Cave Tours offered at Onondaga Cave State Park Sept. 21

Join representatives from the Onondaga Friends Association for a unique, guided, late night Cathedral Cave Tour from 9:30 p.m. to approximately midnight Sept. 21.

You must practice to improve you dove-per-shell ratio

    Mr. Thompson told me I could hunt doves in his harvested grain field. But Mrs. Thompson hated hunters and when I drove up she was sitting on her front porch. I took off my hat and allowed as how I was there at Mr. Thompson’s behest, to wipe out all the starlings raiding the back millet field.

Dillard Mill State Historic Site hosts public information meeting Sept. 14

Representatives from Missouri State Parks invite the public to an informational meeting about Dillard Mill State Historic Site at 2 p.m., Saturday, Sept. 14, at the mill.

Missouri bow season opener is closing in on us 

    By the time you read this article, opening day of bow season will only be two weeks away. The fervor is growing among bowhunters. Online chat rooms are buzzing with excited hunters anxious to climb into their bow stands for their first sit of the new hunting season. Following are some last thoughts about bow hunting, before that special time of the year arrives.

There are plenty of solutions for outdoor problems

By Larry Dablemont
    I walked into Readings Fly Shop over on the other side of the Niangua River the other day and visited with the owner for a short while. He said one of those Bennett Springs trout fishermen from the city had been in and had expressed disappointed in what I write because my criticisms gave no solutions. He said I wrote too much in the past.