Missouri State Parks launches Better Impact, an online volunteer signup and recruitment tool

Missouri State Parks invites anyone concerned about state parks and the outdoors, who has skills or talents to share with others, and who likes to meet and work with people to volunteer at a state park or historic site. A new recruitment and signup tool, Better Impact, is now available online.

MDC reports hemorrhagic disease in Missouri deer

The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) reports low levels of hemorrhagic disease (HD) in deer around the state. HD is a naturally occurring virus that infects deer through the bite of a native midge fly. It is common in Missouri between July and October when the insect that spreads it is most active.

Great adventures in the outdoors

By Bill Cooper
    Great things are happening in the outdoors this month. Mornings have cooled and the grasp of fall is approaching quickly. Colors are appearing in low lying areas. Sumac and dogwood leaves are beginning to flash crimson colors while walnuts are dropping yellow leaves and sassafras is flashing orange mittens.

Making scents of things

By Larry Dablemont
    I think if it stays cool, I may go out and bow-hunt on the backside of my place, along the oak-hickory ridge where acorns are dropping. I am going to be sitting in a tree-stand hunting whitetail deer. I'll be sitting there in my tree stand, wondering why I didn't go fishing instead. Bass fishing is often very good while I sit in a tree-stand hunting deer, and I'll get back and one of my friends will tell me about catching a lunker or two and all I'll be able to talk about seeing is a mangy old coyote or a blue-jay screaming at a fox squirrel.