September is a month of beginnings

By Bill Cooper
    September is a bittersweet month for many outdoorsmen. Generally speaking, outdoorsmen love every month of the year, especially in the Ozarks. One can literally enjoy some sort of outdoor activity every month of the year in our beloved Ozarks. However, September is a problem for many due to the fact that so many hunting and fishing seasons come in during the month of September. The big problem facing outdoorsmen is deciding which activity to enjoy first, or which activities to participate in, which ones to miss out on, or delay until later.

Hunting a flying biscuit

By Larry Dablemont
    A teal is a duck… a little duck about half the size of a half-grown chicken. Most of them have a wingspan just shy of 24 inches and a weight just shy of a pound. There are blue-winged teal and there are green-winged teal and to the west of us there are cinnamon teal.

MDC reminds anglers of regulation change regarding the use of live bait

The Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) reminds anglers that a definition for “invasive fish” has been added to the Wildlife Code of Missouri and effects what type of fish is allowed for use as live bait. The definition includes a list of bighead carp, silver carp, grass carp, and common carp.

Enjoying a day on Current River with Billy Smith

By Bill Cooper
    Billy Smith is the owner and operator of Scenic Rivers Guide Service and Tours based in Eminence. A local legend, Billy spent his working life with the National Park Service, but the Current and Jacks Fork Rivers have been Billy’s lifelong passion. I’ve been on the rivers with Smith numerous times, but a recent day I spent with him on Current River shall remain one of my favorites.