Upcoming Field Days will showcase CAFNR Agricultural Research Centers

The University of Missouri College of Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources’ (CAFNR) Agricultural Research Centers are spread throughout the state and conduct research on everything from cattle genetics to soybeans to pawpaws.

Rotational grazing benefits cattle herd

MADISON, Mo. – Twenty-five years ago, Brian Pemberton bought acreage filled with thorn trees, scrub brush and multiflora roses. The only water source was a frog pond. The land needed four things: a road, buildings, fences and water.

Don’t sugarcoat the health risks of sugary drinks

By Dr. Graham A. Colditz, Siteman Cancer Center
    We have a love affair with sugary drinks in the U.S. And it may, quite literally, be killing us. About 25,000 deaths each year are linked to drinking beverages like full-sugar sodas, sports drinks and energy drinks.