Pearls of Production offers livestock learning and fun

             Women livestock producers are invited to the University of Missouri’s 2022 Pearls of Production program, Nov. 4-5, to learn about direct marketing of beef, meat products, calving difficulties and welding.

Volatility in farm input costs here to stay, says MU researcher

Increased volatility in prices of farm inputs such as fertilizer is likely here to stay well into 2023, says Ben Brown, University of Missouri senior research associate for the Food and Agricultural Policy Research Institute.

Calculating winter feed costs for beef cows

Escalating costs for hay and supplements has many cattle producers concerned, especially in the face of very poor pasture conditions and limited hay supplies in some areas of the state.

Tight labor market challenges farm employers to rethink compensation

Today’s tight labor market makes it harder for farm employers to compete for workers, says Ryan Milhollin, University of Missouri Extension agricultural economist.

Ounce of prevention in fall is best medicine for garden success in spring

Ben Franklin’s adage of “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” could be gardeners’ theme song for November.

Honey bees making winter preparations

                  Did you know there are no male honey bees (drones) in a hive during the winter? Beekeepers watch their colonies in late summer as the honey bees make their first step to prepare for winter. That first step involves removing the drones. Don’t worry, the queen will make new drones in the spring.