Puzzles help promote health and wellness

    Puzzles are fun and entertaining, but their benefits go beyond simple recreation. In fact, playing and solving puzzles on a regular basis can benefit adults and children in various ways.

WGU Missouri announces the “I Have a Dream” scholarship in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

    In celebration of the life and legacy of late civil rights leader Dr. Marin Luther King Jr., WGU Missouri is making it easier for Missourians who are interested in furthering their education to realize their dreams.

Ways you can benefit from having hobbies

    Finding time for hobbies can be difficult. Commitments to work and family take up the bulk of many people's free time, making it hard to squeeze in a favorite hobby. But hobbies can benefit people in some interesting ways. Understanding those hidden benefits may compel some people to make more time for their favorite downtime activities.

The relationship between health and volunteering

    Volunteering is often its own reward. Helping others can be just as beneficial to the people doing the helping as it is for the people being helped.
    Though it can sometimes be hard to find time to volunteer, a close look at some of the various health benefits of volunteering may compel adults and children alike to find the time they need to volunteer.

TOPS can help with weight loss goals

TOPS #0434, St. James hosts an Open House and Membership Drive each Tuesday evening with a meet and greet 5-5:30 p.m. The program follows 5:30-6:30 p.m. Meetings are held at First Baptist Church, 132 Aida, St. James.  

Stress management strategies

    Stress is an issue that knows no geographical boundaries. The Regus Group reports that stress levels in the workplace are rising, with six in 10 workers in major global economies experiencing increased workplace stress. Workers forced to take on too much work or those tasked with performing jobs beyond their abilities might not be able to do much to quell those demands. However, they can employ various strategies to manage their stress.