Pasture flies thriving in hot, humid weather

University of Missouri Extension dairy veterinarian Scott Poock says three types of flies cause economic damage and discomfort in cattle.
Typically appearing in spring, horn flies, face flies and stable flies carried over to summer this year due to hot, humid weather.

MU Extension pilots beef record-keeping project

University of Missouri Extension began a three-year project in March to help beef producers improve whole-herd record-keeping.

ECC fall plan calls for blend of in-person, online courses

    East Central College is offering a blend of in-person, hybrid and online courses this fall to meet educational needs of all students.
    An Instructional Task Force comprised of faculty and staff developed plans that include smaller class sizes, live streaming options and an increased offering of fully online classes.

Tips on watering your garden

How does your garden grow? No grow or slow grow? It could be your H2O.
How and when you water your garden often makes the difference between healthy or diseased plants, says University of Missouri Extension horticulturist Tom Fowler.

ECC reaching out to students to finish degrees

    East Central College is offering former students resources, incentives and a step-by-step guide to finish what they started and earn a college degree.
    ECC’s Finish Your Investment (FYI) program is designed to guide students who’ve completed college credits at East Central College to help them complete a degree.

Extension entities collaborate to support Missouri's agricultural businesses

Agriculture affects our daily lives in many ways. From the food we eat to the strength of local economies, agriculture is a cornerstone of American life.
COVID-19 has disrupted Missouri’s agricultural industry through lower, unstable commodity prices, strain on the food supply chain and changes in consumer purchasing habits.