Children’s Hospital mobile hearing and speech clinic comes to MBSH

    Approximately 34 million children worldwide suffer from disabling hearing loss, which may be caused by genetic issues, complications at birth, certain infectious diseases, chronic ear infections, the use of particular drugs, and/or exposure to excessive noise.

New medical technologist join MBSH Laboratory

    With an increasing number of Missouri Baptist Sullivan Hospital Laboratory staff reaching the point of retirement, there has been a growing need to hire and train new employees.

STE upgrades network to provide better services

    Steelville Telephone Exchange (STE) has partnered with a San Jose, Calif. ,company to upgrade services provided to local subscribers. STE worked with the Calix Professional Services team to accelerate an extensive upgrade to a GPON and Active Ethernet-ready network built on AXOS®. The combined effort resulted in STE completing the upgrade well ahead of schedule—and under budget—freeing the STE operations team to focus on driving the availability of advanced services for subscribers.