Steelville News

Arson charges filed in Cherryville church fire

Arson charges have now been filed against Ryan Eugene Radel, 28, of Steelville, in the burning of the Cherryville Church of God on April 12. He had already been charged with burglarizing the church and stealing items from inside it. His wife, Rachel Elizabeth Radel, 30, has also now been charged for burglary and stealing after the investigation into the incident revealed that she helped her husband with that portion of the crime.

Tenants complain of crime at Steelville apartments

Several residents of the Wildwood Apartments in Steelville approached the city council at their meeting on May 6 to report continuing problems at the complex. After hearing of their concerns, the council recommended they talk with the site manager and the organization that manages the facility, and Police Chief Mike Sherman offered to talk with them further after the meeting about ways to address some of their issues.

Sex offender faces prison time for failing to register

A Steelville man formerly convicted as a sex offender faces at least two years in prison after failing to register a new car with the sheriff’s office as required by law. Daniel Ray Robertson, 37, has been charged with the unclassified felony of failing to register as a sex offender by failing to report the addition or change of vehicle information.

Gazebo roof could see new location in Steelville

Organizers for restoring the gazebo to the Crawford County Courthouse lawn in Steelville approached the city council on Monday night to ask about the possibility of putting the old gazebo roof onto a structure on city-owned property instead of county property. The Crawford County Commission voted last month not to move forward with the rebuilding project at the courthouse, leaving those who have worked on the plan with the roof from the old bandstand but nothing to put it on. The roof has been sitting on a parked trailer on the old city hall property by Yadkin Creek.