Steelville News

Local business owner wants to promote Steelville

Yadkin Creek Inn owner Tamie Cape approached the Steelville City Council at their August 20 meeting to express concerns about a local business closing and to ask for help in working to bring people to the city.

Public Works seeks to support trade school students

The Steelville Public Works Department wants to support young people who decide to seek work in a trade or public service career. Public Works Superintendent Jason Evans spoke to the city council at their August 20 meeting to gain support for the idea of offering a scholarship from that department, noting that the funds for it would be raised separately and would not include any tax monies received by the city.

Steelville men charged for burglary, theft

Two Steelville men stand charged with burglary and stealing after a Steelville woman caught during a traffic stop told police about their alleged crimes. A Rolla man was also charged with the same crimes in connection with the incident.

Rodeo includes riding, roping and more

Rodeo action returns to Steelville next week during Harvest Festival with the annual two-day Ozark Trailblazers Rodeo on Friday and Saturday, September 7-8. This year’s rodeo features the return of popular international rodeo entertainer Whistle-Nut and Ole, along with all the favorite rodeo events and trick riders, too.