Steelville News

Alderman and candidate clash at council meeting

    There was agreement on updates to the city of Steelville’s park ordinance between the mayor and two of three aldermen present at the March 1 council meeting but questioning from an aldermanic candidate and current park board member nearly caused another alderman to storm out of the council chambers.

City electricity rates will jump by 20 percent - UPDATED

    City of Steelville electricity users will most likely see a dramatic increase in charges as a result of the bitterly cold weather that struck much of the nation in February.

Brandon Gibbs accepted to West Point

    Steelville High School senior Brandon Gibbs could join his sister Alexandra at the elite and prestigious West Point Military Academy this summer after receiving the necessary appointment to do so. Although he hasn’t made a decision yet on whether to accept, since he’s also seeking admittance to the Naval Academy, he does plan to attend one of the U.S. military academies after graduation.