Steelville News

School board hears about park needs

• Track and ballfields need repairs for student use
    The Steelville School District has a contract with the city of Steelville to utilize the center portion of the city park for school sporting events. That area includes baseball and softball fields, in addition to the track, and needs work. To completely update the area could cost $1 million.

State senate bill could cause problems for local schools

    Superintendent Mike Whittaker shared a “Critical Issue Alert” from the Missouri School Boards’ Association at the January 21 school board meeting. “We need to be really proactive this year or education will take a hit,” he told board members. “You’ll see me taking a little harder stance on some things at the capital.”

Aldermen keeping mayor out of the loop

    Steelville aldermen are putting items on the agenda for city council meetings without giving the mayor a heads-up on the issues involved. During the January 19 council meeting, Mayor Terry Beckham noted several times he had been unaware of the concerns presented by aldermen who spoke openly of having discussed the topics among themselves.

Mabe and Pryor crowned SHS homecoming royalty

    The 2021 Steelville High School Homecoming king is Landon Mabe and the queen is Daylan Pryor. They were crowned on Friday, January 22, at the annual basketball homecoming games in Steelville.

Cape questions rescue group’s part in new dog pound

    Alderwoman Tamra Cape has concerns about the construction of a new dog pound in the city of Steelville, questioning the city’s involvement with a local animal rescue organization that has raised the majority of the funds needed for the project.