Cuba News

MBSH’s Cuba athletic trainer program acquires e-stim/ultrasound combo device

    Missouri Baptist Sullivan Hospital (MBSH) and the Cuba High School Boosters Club jointly purchased a ComboCare™ E-Stim and Ultrasound Combo Professional Device for the MBSH/Cuba High School Athletic Trainer Program. Special thanks to Dr. Terry Sellers, a chiropractor in Cuba, who donated the funds to the Cuba Boosters Club specifically for this device.

More Living History to see at museum

By Lori Malcomb for the Crawford County Historical Society
    The Crawford County Historical Society Museum continues to preserve the history of the area with a unique approach that connects family, traditions, and heirlooms. The museum is filled with thoughtful displays of artifacts, letters, and photographs that give visitors a glimpse into the past. As a way to preserve and promote history, the museum selects exhibits and traces them back to family members who live near the area. The Living History Project connects the past to the present and prepares for the future!