Crawford County News

Rally cars racing in for the weekend

Talented drivers in fast cars will again race the backroads around the area on March 15-16 for the annual 100 Acre Wood Rally. The 2019 version of the race marks the 25th running of this event and its first as a part of the American Rally Association Championship Series. The 100 Acre Wood Rally was founded in 1977 and has been a driver favorite since its inception. Sweeping turns and fast straights make this one of the fastest rallies on the ARA calendar. One of the most exciting portions of this race features a cattle guard jump that sees cars fly over 100 feet.

Threat leads to courthouse, school lockdown

The Crawford County Courthouse and Steelville schools were on lockdown Thursday morning after a threat was made against law enforcement in the area. Cuba High School students attending an event at the courthouse were escorted from the building to their bus by sheriff’s department personnel. Within a short time, however, the person was taken into custody.