Crawford County News

Missouri State Fair winners announced

                 Crawford County residents took part in the Missouri State Fair. The following results have been announced.

MBSH to host health fair Sept. 10

                  On Saturday, September 10, Missouri Baptist Sullivan Hospital (MBSH) will be hosting their annual Health Fair with the addition of family friendly games and activities to celebrate their first ever CMS Five-Star Quality Rating.

Commission hears complaints on board appointments

           After a couple of months of turmoil over appointments to the Board of Trustees for Crawford County Library District (CCLD), county commissioners moved forward with reappointing the members whose terms had expired. However, they did not conduct interviews with all interested parties, as Presiding Commissioner Leo Sanders had reported would be done, and that led to complaints at the August 23 commission meeting.

Protest against library book continues

            Although the rainbow story time planned to feature a book about a child’s first time at a Pride parade with her mothers was canceled in June following threats received by the Crawford County Library District, opponents of this type of book continue to voice their concerns to the board, with several in attendance at the August 22 meeting.

Some question new Board appointments

            Crawford County Library Board appointments for two positions on the five-member board were made by the county commission last week, however, several people at the library board meeting held Monday questioned the manner in which they were made, and one stated she would be asking the county commission about the decision at their next meeting.