Crawford County News

UM System has big impact in Crawford County

    The University of Missouri Extension has released county-level data sheets that document the impact of the University of Missouri system on the local area. The data provided was for Fiscal Year 2020.

New COVID cases in Crawford County slow in January

    After closing out 2020 in the top spot in the state for its COVID-19 infection rate, Crawford County has seen a steady decline in the numbers of new cases reported each week for the first month of 2021.

Just 41 new COVID cases reported in Crawford County this week

    COVID-19 cases in Crawford County, while still increasing total numbers, are not increasing at the rapid rate seen earlier in the month. As of January 24, the state website reported a new total of 1,955 cases for Crawford County, showing an increase of just 41 cases over the previous week’s total of 1,914.