Crawford County News

Man charged with child sex crimes

EDITOR’S NOTE: This story contains crime details that some people may find disturbing.
    A homeless man from the Steelville area stands charged with two class A felonies for child molestation in the first degree for incidents that allegedly took place with a child less than 12 years old between 2017 and 2021.

YEAR IN REVIEW: Murders, shootings, assaults top 2021 crime reports

    Crawford County saw a rise in violent crime in 2021, with two murders, shootings, a number of assaults, and sexual crimes against children stacked up along drug trafficking and burglaries.

YEAR IN REVIEW: Voters renewed county’s sale taxes in 2021

    In their work with economics for the county in 2021, Crawford County Commissioners approved a $14 million budget, saw two county sales taxes renewed by voters, and supervised allocation of funds for two federal programs related to the COVID-19 pandemic.