Improving the Sunshine Law

By Phill Brooks
    The 50-year golden anniversary of Missouri's Sunshine Law has led me to reflect on what could be done to restore the vision of Missouri's original Sunshine Law sponsors.
    Recent news stories and editorials of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and the Kansas City Star concluded the Sunshine Law needs an "overhaul." I could not agree more strongly.

State voters won’t fall for politicians ballot initiative power grab

By Jamie Corley
    For over a century, Show-Me-State voters have had the ability to amend the constitution by ballot initiative and simple majority vote. As a conservative, I take pride in the fact that our state’s forefathers had the foresight and humility to provide the people with a mechanism against political tyranny.

MOFB looks forward to 2023 legislative session

By Garrett Hawkins
    The 2023 Missouri Legislative Session is underway and legislators have been back in Jefferson City since January 4. Every year brings a new opportunity to address items that matter to our members and hardworking Missourians, and we look forward to developing solutions in the coming months.  

Can’t see voters for the roads

    Despite years of complaints from voters, the Crawford County Commission can’t seem to bring itself to make a needed change in the way it operates when it comes to road maintenance. It may not be a classic case of taxation without representation, but it’s certainly antiquated and a change is long overdue.

Input costs worry Missouri farmers the most

By Garrett Hawkins
    Without fail, every time I put my brand new Farm Bureau calendar up on the wall, I get a few butterflies in my stomach. With every page turn comes a set of experiences, covering everything incredibly familiar and routine to moments that come completely out of left field. While starting a new year might bring about some jitters, I try to see every page as a challenge to make both my life and the lives of those around me better at every opportunity.