Another weak year predicted for farm economy

By Eric Bohl
    A new U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) analysis projects 2019 net farm income will again be well below normal. This broad measure of farm profitability has disappointed farmers for at least the past five years. Despite the continued downturn, Missouri farmers have glimmers of hope on the horizon.

Missouri farmers should face consistent rules for raising livestock

By Blake Hurst
    Bacon is popular, but living near a hog farm is not. Bacon isn’t possible without hogs, so if we want bacon, we’re going to have to raise pigs. Missouri Senate Bill 391 is opposed by people who either don’t like bacon or don’t realize how it’s made. The bill would require that county regulations aimed at livestock production ought not be “inconsistent with or more stringent than” state regulations. Senate Bill 391 would simply mean that farmers would face consistent rules across the state.

Let's reimagine rural health in our state

 By Ann Schlueter
    As the chief operating officer of a small rural hospital in Fairfax, Mo., I see the difficulty rural Missourians have in accessing health care daily. Our hospital, Community Hospital—Fairfax, is fortunate to have strong local support and a solid financial foundation. Despite the challenges rural hospitals experience, our hospital has been able to make the investments needed to remain an essential community asset in Fairfax, an important health care resource for communities throughout far-northwest Missouri. Increasingly, stories like ours are the exception and not the rule.