Pony Express could get papers from here to Dallas in better time

    “I just received the April 1 edition of the Star on May 29. Your editorial in that
edition didn't help much. I'm going to write the post office and report the eight week
delivery time.”

    It’s disgusting any time you get an email like this from a customer, but it’s even more disgusting when that email was from your uncle. Unfortunately, there are more and more complaints like this every day with no end in sight.

Communities need effective leaders

By Jordan Feyerherm, Community Development Manager, Center for Rural Affairs
    Leaders are the life-blood of small towns and rural communities. The success or failure of community development efforts often rests with the degree of leadership local residents are willing to provide.

Tide may be turning toward religious exemptions from vaccine mandates

By Richard T. Foltin
Freedom Forum Fellow for religious freedom
    Even as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) eases mask and distancing recommendations for people who are fully vaccinated, there remains an urgent need to increase the percentage of the population that has been vaccinated to stem further spread of the COVID-19 virus. Policymakers, business owners and schools are wrestling with whether and to what extent to mandate proof of vaccination to access services such as schooling and public transportation, as well as large gatherings like concerts and sporting events.

Legislature tallied some hits, but left key Farm Bureau priorities on base in spring session

By Garrett Hawkins
    Baseball is a magnificent game. From the bright lights, rich traditions and smell of hot dogs found at a big league stadium to the loud pop of a mitt in the backyard, the sport is ingrained in all of us. But to me, while a game by rule ends after nine innings, the chance to savor a pace not dictated by a clock always reminds me of simpler, less demanding times.