Transportation service is needed for rural workers

    During a gathering of industrial leaders at Cuba City Hall for Manufacturing Day, a topic was brought up during the roundtable about a need for transportation for rural residents that might otherwise not have a good way of getting to work in our area towns. The need is especially serious, given that our area unemployment rate continues to drop, while industries are looking to expand.

Increase freedom to increase prosperity

By Dean Stansel, Ph.D., Southern Methodist University
    Missouri’s economy has lagged behind the rest of the nation for many years. My recent article in the “Missouri Policy Journal” examined how Missouri’s economy, and its restrictions on labor markets, compare to other states. It’s not a pretty picture, and the voters’ recent approval of a minimum wage increase will only make matters worse.

Legislate for the many, not the few

    Thank goodness that’s over with. Now, we can all get back to peaceful nights at home without our phones ringing off the hook and enjoy getting lost in our favorite sit-com without having to sit through endless political commercials. And, hopefully, our newly elected officials can get back to representing their constituents like they did decades ago, rather than their parties, like they’ve been doing lately.