Washington is not America’s brain

By C. Dale Walton
    With a population that soon will surpass one-third of a billion people, America’s complexity defies the limits of the human imagination. No one, ultimately, can truly understand such a country, in the sense of having detailed insights into the specific needs of all its communities, ranging from tiny villages to neighborhoods in sprawling cities such as Los Angeles. Governments, however, are staffed by people—with all the human limitations that implies.

Missouri road funding overdue for an update

By Eric Bohl
    As political battles continue to rage over the Supreme Court, control over Congress and President Trump’s tweet du jour, a major ballot issue has been quietly gaining momentum. In November, Missouri voters will not only be deciding whether to give Senator McCaskill a third six-year term, but also will have an opportunity to increase road and bridge funding for the first time since 1996.

Echoes of John McCain in Missouri

By Phill Brooks
    The death of John McCain has led me to reflect about his similarities with a Missouri state senator.
    Like the deceased Arizona senator, the person about whom I write was a true maverick in his Republican Party, regularly standing up to pressures from GOP leaders to tow the party line.