Election night reporting history

By Phill Brooks
    There are four Missourians who helped develop the systems that provide you with accurate and prompt election night returns. To understand this column, you need to realize that the results reported on election night are neither official nor complete.

Further reflections on Gov. Mel Carnahan's death

By Phill Brooks
    The recent thoughts written by others about the tragic death of Gov. Mel Carnahan two decades ago have prompted me to add some personal details. There was something about Carnahan that touched all of us who covered the statehouse during his time in the Capitol.

Tariffs tank jobs

By Rik W. Hafer
    One of President Trump’s campaign pledges in 2016 was to correct “unfair” trade relations with other countries, especially China. He vowed to restore trade equality and in doing so restore jobs to America. How has that worked out?

Better angels of our nature

By Phill Brooks
    Before proceeding with this column, I want you to think about what you've read, seen or heard from the candidates running for state office during this campaign season.

Like it or not, it is time for action

By Rik Hafer
    Whoever wins the upcoming presidential election, whichever party takes control of the House and Senate, our elected officials will face a formidable task. Obviously they will face the immediate social and economic effects of the ongoing pandemic. They also will confront an economic outlook that requires enacting policies that go beyond currying votes for the next election.