Repair historic park before taking on any new projects - PHOTOS

    While the Steelville City Council has been arguing about what steps to take regarding the old gazebo roof it somehow inherited from Crawford County, the irony of spending money on something new, something that is not needed, should not be lost on city taxpayers and visitors. Before a dime gets spent on any new projects, the city needs to rededicate itself to taking care of what it already has. (More photos can be seen on the Steelville Star Facebook page.)

All businesses deserve law’s equal protection

    Should our elected representatives make policies, vote on proposed laws, and run our various government agencies based on their own personal beliefs, or use the rule of law and input from voters to govern? Most would choose the second option, but often that is not the case and it wasn’t recently in Cuba.

Saving the economy, 25 basis points at a time

By R.W. Hafer
    Milton Friedman must be rolling in his grave. Friedman, who died in 2006, is widely regarded as the father of modern monetary economics. Among other suggestions, he called upon policymakers to stop trying to manipulate short-run fluctuations in the economy by adjusting the Federal funds rate. Instead, they should focus on longer-term problems, like inflation.