The responsibility of all journalists

By Phill Brooks
    As an emeritus faculty member of the University of Missouri School of Journalism, I feel compelled to offer some thoughts about the recent controversy involving the tweets by two school newsroom reporters and the university president's response. I suspect none of them will be pleased by what I write.

America needs more meat processing options

By Eric Bohl
    “Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket.” This saying goes at least as far back as Don Quixote, written in 1615, and is probably much older. While the proverb's wisdom is obvious to anyone who has spent much time in a barnyard, some of the people who should understand it best have strayed much too far from its warning.

Tale of two hospitals shows impact of Medicaid expansion

By Paul Taylor
    Consider this a tale of two hospitals.
    Four years ago, our health system was forced to shut down Ozark Community Hospital in Springfield. Two hundred employees lost their jobs, and a corner of the city lost its access to both primary and emergency care. We’ve since closed three other clinics in Missouri.

The economy is not roaring back

By Rik W. Hafer
    The Labor Department announced that almost 5 million jobs were added in June. On top of an impressive increase in May of nearly 3 million jobs, predictions of V-shaped recovery seemed inevitable. Sadly, it isn’t going to happen.

A simple question

By Phill Brooks
    This column is prompted by a simple question asked of the governor at one of his news conferences.
    Missouri had reached a peak level of COVID-19 infections.