Property decisions are key for school districts

    A couple of area school districts have faced some important property decisions lately, which are always important when looking at their future growth concerns. One acted to get some much needed property and another appears to be headed in the right direction to protect some of its existing property.

Let’s talk about paying for education

By Scott Fitzpatrick
    Sunday was 529 Day, a day meant to highlight the opportunities available in state 529 plans. MOST 529 is Missouri’s 529 education plan. Named after Section 529 in the IRS tax code (thrilling, I know), a 529 account can have a significant impact on your child’s education and your family’s finances.

Possible reasons for state's dysfunction within the legislature

By Phill Brooks
    This column was inspired by a discussion with Missouri Independent Reporter Rudi Keller the day after the 2022 legislative session adjourned.
    We reminisced about earlier years when there seemed to be a more intense focus on the specific details of public policy rather than ideology and pondered what caused the change.

Supply chains are disrupting daily lives

By Garrett Hawkins
    The supply chain issues that started with toilet paper and computer chips in 2020 have morphed to disrupt nearly everything in our daily lives. As of late, news shows are highlighting weary parents who are scouring near and far for essential baby formula. At home in Appleton, I drove past two fuel stations that had bone dry tanks for two days last week, sending residents miles away just to find gasoline. Everyone is talking. Everyone is grumbling. Everyone is hastily adapting.