Letters to the Editor

A matter of leadership

    As the August 2 primary election approaches, I have been reflecting on the role of leadership in government. While leadership is always important, it is crucial in challenging times.

We like Steve Black

    I encourage all those who are eligible to vote in the Republican primary election on August 2, as the outcome will determine the office holders for Crawford County.

Love one another

    I browsed through Facebook a week ago and saw an interesting cancellation from Crawford County Library District. The cancellation concerned a story hour offered through the library by  patron and responsible member of the community, who bought a copy of a book that the library had on the shelf.

New or old crooks?

    The time is fast approaching when we will either be sending a new bunch of crooks to Washington or sending the same bunch of crooks back to Washington. The reason I call them crooks is because all of their campaign ads say their opponent is either a crook or an idiot and I refuse to believe that anyone running for public office would knowingly lie about anything or anyone.