Letters to the Editor

Let's think for ourselves

The rumors during this tumultuous time are swirling thick and fast. The mainstream media, (and even a good deal of what is called "alternative media") is having a hay day doing what they do best - whipping the world into fear and hysteria, enabling their masters (control freaks, every one) to get a better stranglehold on the common people of the world, and push their agendas, which are always about more control (their chief fantasy, drive, and motivation.)

Pray for our country

     American is going through some rough times but luckily our leaders are on top of things. President Trump says, “So far we have avoided the coronavirus but if it does hit us, we are well prepared and I know that both parties will work together to defeat it.”

No toilet paper, no loan

      My wife and I had a totally unbelievable experience this week.
    We went to our bank to see about getting a loan and they wouldn’t even talk to us about taking our property as collateral. They said the only thing they would consider for collateral was toilet paper so we didn’t get our loan. No toilet paper!