Letters to the Editor

Great memories

    I read the article regarding the statue of Mr. Recklein being placed at the entrance of the Cuba Library that he donated to the community. While it was spitting snow, with slippery roads, I headed up to take a peek at it, just to see if I would recognize the man I knew so many years ago.

Stop all the lies

    Our country is in such turmoil today. It breaks my heart to see such division between family members, friends, in our communities, and even in our churches. I see rudeness, hatred, lies, fear and prejudice all around me. Much of it is on social media, namely Facebook, but also in this newspaper.

Appalled at ignorance

    Regarding the content of most of the recent letters to the editor that (were) chose(n) to print, I can only say that I am appalled at the depth and volume of ignorance, disinformation and cult-like thinking that is being broadcast.

Coming out a Dem

    My name is Daniel Tracy, and I would like to “come out” of the proverbial closet to now identify as a Democrat. I was born, raised, and currently reside in Bourbon, Missouri. I was afforded the opportunity to travel the world both in my childhood and into my adult life. I am an active member of our community who enjoys donating my time and money for causes close to my heart.

No unity with lies

    There is a general call for unity after the attempted coup at our nation’s capital. Creating unity needs to start with our Republican elected officials jointly signing a statement that renounces “the big lie.”