Letters to the Editor

Wants to make things clear

    In the days after my letter appeared on the opinion page of the August 19th edition Rosemary received and I received positive and supportive comments. Thinking about the “positive” comments, I began to consider that I cannot know how each person who reads my letter will process the information I provided. I don't want any room for misinterpretation, so I want to make  two things abundantly clear.

Rosemary still working for pets

    My wife and I have been supporters and contributors to Santana's Hope 4 Paws since Rosemary Woodard created the organization in 2015. Originally the purpose of the organization was to raise money to provide for the health, care and feeding of unwanted dogs.

Wonderful story

    What a wonderful story about the Gladden twins. I must confess, I cried when I read it. Ina was my Sunday School teacher and a wonderful Christian lady. I didn’t know Eva as well but I’m sure she was equally as nice.

White supremacy

    There has been much discussion around the country concerning the meaning of white supremacy. Therefore it is necessary to air this idea to more fully understand its importance.