Letters to the Editor

Above the law?

    Since November 2011, I have been involved in ongoing litigation in the Crawford County Circuit Court, wherein my personal freedom is at stake. As is the same for everyone involved in a lawsuit, all evidence benefiting your side is important. The Attorney General of Missouri is refusing to provide evidence I have repeatedly requested.

Divide and win

    What is this about bombs delivered to American citizens after they were defamed by Trump? Hasn’t his rhetoric against groups of people (people of color or other ethnicity) caused enough problems in America today? Follow the old axiom Divide and Win!

Vote yes on 4

    I am writing to ask for your support for Amendment 4 on the November ballot. Voting Yes would help get more workers for bingo games in Missouri. Currently, if you join an organization that has bingo, you would have to be a member two years before you could work bingo. Amendment 4 would change that time to six months.