Letters to the Editor

Much misinformation

    The letter "New Green Deal Fiasco" of your 3/31 edition begs for clarification, as it begins by citing a widely debunked notion that "there is no climate crisis, and there is no cause for panic."

Is New Green Deal feasible or a fiasco

    Over the past 50 years dire and disturbing reports about famine, fire, storm, and floods, all allegedly linked to climate change have made headlines. Studies rejecting such claims are conveniently ignored while well-read publications provoke fear and paranoia especially among young people.

Amendment being funded out of state

    The Steelville Star-Crawford Mirror March 24 edition contained a guest editorial promoting the effort to bring a modified Ranked Choice Voting system to Missouri using the initiative petition process.

A place to be, someday

By Larry Dablemont
    I know that folks in Houston, Missouri, have doubts about the Big Piney-Old Time Ozarks museum I am going to build. But it is going to happen, in time, and here is why.