Letters to the Editor

Illustrated buttocks is inappropriate

    Absent from any of the recent articles and letters to the editor concerning the book, “The Rainbow Parade” are details of the content that concerns many of us. To truly understand our objections, I am providing details from the book.

‘Censorship is the child of fear...’

    I first want to thank the Crawford County Library Board and their staff for the many hours of time and creative energy that they have put forth to help improve the wellbeing of all residents within our community. A library is one of the few places, even within our schools, where everyone is welcome.

Go to the bible to find the correct path

    When my new clock that I purchased was plugged in, it was three minutes slow. I figured when I had time that I would read the instructions and set the clock to the correct time. Meanwhile, I just added three minutes to the time the clock showed in order to know the correct time.