Letters to the Editor

Keen was a mover and shaker

    I do so appreciate the article of Michale (Tiny) Keen you wrote. There were many public services that Tiny did for Steelville and surrounding communities that no one knew about.

Not my Joseph

    During the Christmas season we recall that Jesus was born in a manger to a virgin named Mary and how a good man named Joseph took them to Egypt to escape the murderous clutches of an evil King Herod.

2020 was season to remember

    The 2020 Wildcat Football season was one filled with uncertainty from the beginning. None of us knew what would happen with the spread of COVID-19 or how it would jeopardize teams from around the country. Factor that “unknown” in and an overhaul of the coaching staff and playbook and the 2020 season was filled with question marks before it even began.

Shop safe and shop local

    The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many events to be cancelled this year, but it does not take away the opportunity to shop local during the holiday season. Communities across the country have found innovative ways to keep both business owners and customers safe.