Letters to the Editor

Smith’s priorities list was a bit incomplete

    I received a request from the office of Jason Smith, the current 8th District Congressperson, to complete a survey of “What issues are most important to you?” I think it is instructive to look at what wasn't on the list. The bold items are his list and items that should have been available if his office was really looking for input on each item.

Agritourism provides unique activities

    As more people shift their roots from rural to urban settings, rural areas have been forced to be creative in how to grow their economic opportunities and get people back into the countryside. The past decade has seen an explosion of wineries, “U-Pick” farms, pumpkin patches, corn mazes, Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs, children’s farm activities and all manner of other unique destinations. This burgeoning industry has come to be known as “agritourism.”

Right-to-Work or Pay-to-Play?

    The question before Missouri voters on August 7 is whether to live in a "Right-To-Work" state or a "Pay-To-Play" state. If all workers must pay union dues, then our state is a Pay-To-Play state. We may choose either personal freedom and personal responsibility, or pay to be represented by others. Seems like a no-brainer to me. So let's expand the real question.

Your courts and your rights

    Missouri courts are not naturally endowed with legitimacy, as their legitimacy is acquired and built over time. Citizens often oppose or ignore decisions made by both lower and higher courts. Unfortunately, our local courts often ignore those same rulings, and when they do they lose trust plus their legitimacy.