Letters to the Editor

Use tax good for city, and local businesses

     Next Tuesday, November 5, the St. James City Council has put Proposition A on the ballot. This allows the city to collect a use tax. The legal language states the revenue will be used for the operation and improving the no-kill animal shelter that we have in St. James. This is the only no-kill shelter in the area. We call this a use tax because it is a tax from online purchases and will be collected by those companies that have a presence in Missouri.

Trump being attacked relentlessly by the left

    What do you think of our president?
    Does he commit sins? Sure, he does. So do we. Is he egotistical? Yes. Is he uncouth? Yes. Could he use lessons on how to communicate? Yes. Is he eccentric? Yes. Does he make missteps? Yes, how about you and me? All of these things do not disqualify him from being president of the United States.