Letters to the Editor

What’s being done about inflation?

    Folks of Crawford County: Are you concerned about inflation? What is your political party doing about it? Facts:

Is ‘going green’ your priority?

    It is interesting that someone would think that the most important issue in the election is “going green.” No doubt that person is not driving a gas fueled vehicle or using any gas fueled motor of any kind. That would be counterproductive to the thesis. Nevertheless, there are many in the area who cannot afford electric cars much less keep up with the rising prices at the grocery store.

Just not Schmitt

    Kirkwood’s Eric Schmitt (R) has not only disgraced the office of Missouri Attorney General, he’s arguably complicit in sedition. Like Josh Hawley, Schmitt was front and center in spreading phony conspiracies about non-existent voter “fraud.”

Many made Cuba Fest a success

    On behalf of the Tri-C Club, I would like to show my appreciation to all those who worked hard to make the 60th Cuba Fest on Route 66 such a success. Each year, Tri-C partners with the Cuba Arts Council (Taste of Cuba, wine and beer tent) and Viva Cuba (trolley and cemetery tours) to make the third weekend in October a special event for the community and beyond.