Letters to the Editor

Please vote yes on Proposition S next week

    A professional engineering study was conducted on the old (Steelville) Middle School condition and it was determined that the cost would be around $5.7 million to rehabilitate the facility. Integrity Engineering conducted this assessment and it was their professional opinion that rehabilitation is not an economically feasible option.

Our children need us on April 2

    Citizens of the Steelville School District have an opportunity to truly make a difference in the education of our youth by voting yes on Proposition S. In the past year, I served on the Citizens Action Committee for the Steelville school board and learned of the many problems in our school structures.

Stop wild hogs

    The average feral hog weighs a little more than 100 pounds—the biggest, about 400. And every one of them is hitting above their weight class when it comes to damaging Missouri's natural resources and Missourians livelihoods. They're an invasive species that is both a nuisance and a health risk.