Letters to the Editor

How are companies helping with Medicaid?

    As the United States wrestles with the devastating Coronavirus (COVID-19), and as Missourians’ expectations of their hospitals continue to increase, I find it ironic that MO HealthNet is proposing major cuts in Medicaid reimbursement of approximately $340 million annually to Missouri hospitals. This includes major revisions in Medicaid outpatient payments, as well as the elimination of Medicaid payments to Missouri hospitals for treating out-of-state enrollees (even though they are mandated to do so).

Story brought back memories of brother

    I read with interest the article about Mr. Stephens and the Battle of the Bulge. It sounds like the story of my brother, Sgt. Howard A. Henry.
    He fought the same battles. He was in a convoy when the jeep behind him was hit by a mortar. Howard jumped out to rescue the soldier.
    This was during the Battle of the Bulge in the Ardennes Forest.

Important for area everyone is counted

    The 2020 Census is our chance to make sure the hard-earned tax dollars we send to Washington D.C. make their way back to the Meramec Region. For every adult and every child that is not counted in the census, our county loses, on average, $1,300 in federal dollars per person every year. That adds up to $13,000 per person over the next 10 years. In 2010, Phelps, Pulaski and Washington counties population were undercounted by upwards of 30 percent.

Update state’s labor law

    When Missouri legislators passed government labor reforms into law two years ago, they did so to protect the rights of both workers and taxpayers. But does the state currently have the resources necessary to oversee labor agreements made between unions and the government, especially agreements made at the local level? Evidence uncovered by the Show-Me Institute suggests not.