Letters to the Editor

Don’t let the mob rule

    History is replete with examples of mob rule. Following the time of the Caesars, Rome was scourged by groups of citizens allowed to pillage when politicians thought it was to their advantage. During the “Reign of Terror” of the French Revolution many people were executed, oft times simply for having the misfortune of being related to royal blood. Likewise, Hitler used mob rule to intimidate his enemies on the pretense that they (in particular the Jews) were the cause of Germany’s problems. Now, our country has a group of poorly educated thugs trying to destabilize our society.

These are rough times

    It goes without saying that America is going through some rough times but there is a glimmer of hope. President Trump is telling us that American is fortunate in that the coronavirus has not reached America yet but if it does for us not to worry, he will stop it.

Auxier has what it takes to be commissioner

    Joey Auxier is qualified to be the next great Phelps County Commissioner. Eastern Phelps County must have a commissioner who understands the needs of Rolla, St. James and rural Phelps County from Seat and Winkler to Rosati, Flag Springs and Royal.