Letters to the Editor

Trump’s a ‘hedonist’

    I am urging people who voted for Trump in 2016 to consider not doing so in 2020. If major reasons to vote for Trump in 2016 were the possibilities of having anti-abortion judges nominated and “draining the swamp” then those reasons are gone. The judges have been nominated and if “draining the swamp” meant destroying the administrative state, that has happened.

Bring farms to school

    Fall is here and once again, folks across the nation are focusing on local food for our school districts. October is Farm to School Month which provides a chance for teachers and administrators to inspire and educate students on where their food comes from.

Fight for constitution

    The recent missive from Congressperson Smith complains about the attack on religious clubs on public university campuses. The article cites the 1st amendment free speech clause, but never mentions the first clause: the establishment clause. The establishment clause of the First Amendment has been interpreted as calling for separation of church and state.

We could lose a lot

    What do we have to lose? First, the passing of RBG means that the ACA will most likely be struck down by the court in November no matter who wins the election.

Get set to vote

    The General Election set for November 3, 2020, is quickly approaching. Many have had concerns or questions over how they will be able to cast their ballot with the current Covid-19 crisis, as well as changes in Missouri election laws. Please be aware that there are candidates and issues on both sides of the ballot in this election. If you are prepared ahead of time, voting your ballot should take little time at all.