St. James News

Community Hall set for renovation

    Community Hall, located in Nelson Hart Park, is set to be renovated in the coming months. Plans include demolishing the stage and repurposing the space for better heating, cooling, and ventilation, repainting the structure, and updating the lighting and entryway.

Mayor explains dusk-to-dawn lighting phase out

On Friday during his weekly Facebook live address, St. James Mayor Rick Krawiecki explained the city’s dusk-to-dawn lighting policy, which was changed in 2019 as the city decided to no longer maintain those lights. The city has been phasing out those lights as they fail.

Police Chief warns of scams

    St. James Police Chief Ron Jones warned of scams being encountered in the area during Mayor Rick Krawiecki’s weekly Facebook update last week. Jones provided information about these scams, such as IRS and Social Security scams, and how to avoid them.

Water test report shows drinking water well below limits

    The Missouri Department of Natural Resources (DNR) recently completed a two-year study of St. James drinking water, testing for lead and copper. Results showed water to be well below required limits, free from bacteria, and deemed safe to drink.