St. James News

STJ schools report first COVID-19 case

    St. James students returned to school last week and made it four days before the district announced there was one middle school staff member who tested positive for COVID-19. Superintendent Dr. Merlyn Johnson said the district will be making weekly updates to keep families informed as the year gets underway.

St. James schools announce sports attendance guidelines

    Following a joint announcement on sports attendance guidelines released by the Four-Rivers Conference school a week earlier, the St. James School District has formally adopted its own requirements for fans wanting to attend home games. The guidelines include mandatory mask use for all indoor events.

St. James receives $50,000 grant for engineering of wastewater system

    The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) announced on August 20 that St. James has been awarded a $50,000 Clean Water Engineering Report Grant to evaluate its wastewater collection system. The grant program offers funding to small communities to aid with costs for evaluating water and wastewater systems for required state and federal improvements.

School Board discusses closure challenges

    The St. James Board of Education held discussion on questions teachers have brought up about what would happen if there is a school closure and how teachers will be affected should they test positive for COVID-19. The district has a plan in place should there be a school closure, including teaching remotely, and the board discussed how staff will be affected.

School board discusses high school roof issues

    The St. James Board of Education was updated on roof issues at the high school that led to the building’s students beginning the year with virtual learning due to safety concerns. Building and Grounds Supervisor Wes DeLuca informed the board he is working to get additional opinions about how to best fix the facilities.