St. James News

DRA project will expand utilities near Prock Operations

    The city of St. James has started a Delta Regional Authority (DRA) funded expansion of water services in the intersection of Hardy and Wishon streets, near Prock Operations. The city has already completed a DRA project to expand sidewalks near the facility and will use the remainder of funding to expand water services and install a new fire hydrant and manholes.

City working to replace bridge at TIC

    The St. James Street Department has used their downtime during rainy weather to begin constructing a new bridge to replace a failing one at the Tourist Information Center (TIC). The old one sits on a walking trail at the facility, but it has been closed.

Election sees new faces on BOE and council

    There will be new faces on the St. James City Council and Board of Education after the general election, held Tuesday, June 2. There were races in three wards of the city and three seats up for election on the Board of Education.