St. James News

Council discusses food truck ordinance changes

    The St. James City Council held discussion and took the first steps to altering a food truck ordinance, after food truck owner Larry Karnes approached the city about lessening requirements to get a business permit. Discussions were held on the necessity of requiring a menu to receive a permit, as well as cleaning up some language of the ordinance for clarity.

Scholar Bowl team places second at state

    The John F. Hodge High School Scholar Bowl team competed in the Final Four for the State Championship on Friday, May 7, finishing second overall. This year’s team had a strong performance throughout the year, finishing with two tough competitions.

City begins distributing recycling bins

    The city of St. James started distributing new recycle bins last week and will continue to roll out the program, which was made possible through a Department of Natural Resources and Ozark Rivers Solid Waste Management grant the city received in March.

Mahaney takes title at Team Roping Championship

Greg Mahaney (left) of St. James wins it all after making his way to the CINCH United States Team Roping Championship, National Finals of Team Roping in Fort Worth, Texas. This once a year event brings thousands of team ropers from all over the U.S. to compete for the championship.