St. James News

City to halt yard waste collection in August

    The city of St. James will halt collection of yard waste in August as it reassesses the cost effectiveness of the process. Currently, the city is down two workers and spending hundreds of man hours the first week of every month in collecting and disposing of residential yard waste, and the council agreed to stop collection for at least the next month to get caught up on other city projects ongoing this summer.

District moving forward with wrestling space construction

    During the June 27 meeting of the St. James Board of Education, the board heard an update on construction options for a new wrestling practice building. An anonymous citizen has offered to fund the construction. The district has rented locations over the past few years for wrestlers to practice as there has not been enough space in any school building for the team to keep equipment down, which is needed for hygienic reasons.

Council discusses changes to nuisance ordinance

    While in special session on Wednesday night, the St. James City Council discussed a new nuisance ordinance aimed at updating the rules of violations. The proposed ordinance includes more nuisances than are in the current code and addresses how abatement will work. Some changes to the version that was presented to the council during the regular meeting were given to members to consider, with most of the changes involving the abatement process.

Board discusses facility usage fee

    The St. James Board of Education held discussion on a proposed facility usage agreement during their meeting on Thursday, June 27. School Athletics Director Greg Harlan had prepared the agreement, which had been previously discussed by the board in May, and the board reviewed the agreement, asking for minor changes to be made for a vote next month.

Board approves 2019-20 budget

    The St. James Board of Education made the final financial decisions for the current school year, ending the fiscal year this month, and voted to approve the budget for the 2019-20 school year. To end the year, the board approved moving $750,000 from Fund 1, the operating budget, to Fund 4, the capital improvement budget, to be used for the upcoming building project.