St. James News

Council presented with proposed nuisance ordinance

    The St. James City Council was presented with a new nuisance ordinance during its meeting Monday night. Aldermen got their first look at the proposal, so no action was taken, but action is expected to be taken on the issue next month.

Fleming warns council about dropping fund balances

Two new committees were formed during Monday night’s meeting of the St. James City Council. Both were requested by City Administrator Jim Fleming, and each will be looking to improve the city’s bottom line well into the future.

Remember the Removal riders will pass through St. James on Thursday

Cherokee riders participating in the 2019 Remember the Removal Bike Ride will ride through St. James on Thursday, June 13 as part of their approximately 950-mile bike trip along the Trail of Tears. The three-week trek is a cross country ride from Georgia to Oklahoma, with riders visiting several Cherokee gravesites and historic landmarks as well as participating in cultural events and team-building exercises as they travel through seven states.

St. James Caring Center receives CDBG funding for renovation

The St. James Caring Center has been awarded a $344,110 Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) through the Missouri Department of Economic Development to renovate the caring center and improve parking areas, located at 113 West Eldon Street in St. James. The renovations will allow for increased services to the community’s low income and elderly population.