St. James News

4-H club donates playground equipment

The Country Kids and Evening Star 4-H groups donated two new playground features that have been installed in the St. James City Park. Clubs received $250 in grants from The James Foundation and each club paid $852.52, raised through fundraising efforts, to purchase the fixtures. Installation was completed by the City of St. James.

FFA takes part in 10 Gallon Challenge

The St. James FFA Chapter decided to participate in the #10GallonChallenge. They donated 43 gallons of milk to the St. James Senior Center. FFA Members, community members, and the St. James Beta Club all helped in the contribution of milk.

City contracts with Kiowa Line Builders for line relocation

    On Tuesday, October 9, the St. James City Council approved a resolution to contract Kiowa Line Builders, Inc. to conduct an electric line relocation. Four electric line construction companies were solicited, with only one bid being received.

Apple butter is being sold locally

    The Gardeners of the Forest City recently spent September 30 and October 1 making apple butter to sell at local St. James businesses.  The sale of the apple butter is used to fund some of the activities and projects that they do throughout the year, including a $1,000 scholarship to a St. James School District student attending college and studying horticulture or related field.