St. James News

City has finalized winter salt purchase

    The city of St. James has secured a salt provider. Compass Minerals has been contracted to provide salt for the winter and the St. James Street Department added a new area of asphalt near the salt shed to improve how it is loaded.

Students earn sports on honor choirs

    Several St. James high school solo and ensemble groups auditioned last week for spots on the District Choir. More than 30 students from St. James auditioned this year, with many selected to perform at the District Choir Convention in March.

Friends of the Library to hold picnic fundraiser on Saturday

    The Friends of the Library, a group of local volunteers supporting the James Memorial Public Library, will be holding a fundraising picnic this Saturday, September 22. This is the fourth annual picnic fundraiser the group has held and will include a night of dinner, live music, book sale, and raffle.

Paving for three city streets begins next week

    Paving will begin on South Louise, Bourbeuse Street, and St. Ann Avenue next week, completing the largest paving projects the city is conducting this year.  While there have been several delays on the project, residents living on these roads should be advised paving will be held on September 24-25 and will require vehicles to be parked off the street.

Old Oak Tree remembered by local veteran now in MVH

    A recent entry into the St. James Veterans Home (MVH) is Walter “Parky” Parkinson, a native of Rolla.
    He wrote the poem “Ode to the Old Oak Tree in St. James Cemetery,” which accompanies the huge slab of oak displayed at the nearby Visitors Center.
    In 1948 Parky married a St. James girl named Mildred Jones (SJHS 1942). Her family had five generations of relatives laid to rest in the St. James Cemetery so Parky became a frequent visitor. He grew to admire the old tree and was inspired to write the poem in 1983 while the tree was still alive and beautiful.